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By Arbitration we do not mean only representation of your interests in court but even the formation of motivated opinion concerning the advisability and necessity of a trial. Certainly we have a great experience in representing our clients in all instances of arbitration courts, arbitration tribunals and courts of general jurisdiction and we are familiar with the procedure in the European court of Human Rights, in the International Commercial Arbitration Court (‘ICAC’) and The Dispute Settlement Body (‘DSB’) of the World Trade Organization (‘WTO’) but from our wide experience we can say that the majority of disputes may be settled before a complaint is lodged to court.

We always scrutinize strong and weak points of your situation and give optimal recommendations how to settle the dispute before you decide on trial procedure. The absolute advantage of our company is participation of several experts in development of your defense strategy. It allows us to offer you non-standard solutions and to succeed in several ways, predicting actions of procedural opponents. It is not by accident that many of our client’s cases have finished in signing agreements of lawsuit on terms secured highest benefit to our clients from the situation. We are not afraid of defending your interests in disputes with any state or business organizations and never recommend to come to an agreement if it doesn’t meet your interests even if opponents presume having any "corruption" or "administrative" resources.

We represented interests of Federal and Municipal structures of Russia, the unitary enterprises and educational institutions, banks and insurance companies during our work. The enterprises of the coal industry and mechanical engineering, construction holding companies and the agrarian enterprises, aircraft manufacturing plants and airports were our clients. We protected interests of owners of intellectual property and defended the rights of proprietors in the corporate conflicts.

The area of our judicial representation is rather vast: Moscow, Moscow oblast, Tyumen, Kemerovo, Leninsk-Kuznetskiy in Kemerovo oblast, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, The Tyva Republic, Gelendzhik, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk but we believe it is expected to expand if your interests will extend over other regions..



Advocates Bureau Yug (ABY),
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