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We offer our clients a broad range of services and guarantee an integrated approach to solving problems in the area of bankruptcy. This includes devising the most advantageous strategies not only from a standpoint of the civil law factors involved, but also taking on board the tax, administrative and criminal law implications.

Our lawyers have substantial experience in bankruptcy proceedings of acting for the various parties involved in the winding up procedure (the debtor, creditors, members and managers) since 1999, representing interests of creditors, owners of business, arbitration managing directors or interested persons.

Lawyers of our company are members of coordination council for insolvency (bankruptcy) at Administration of the Tomsk region, they are often invited as active participators of profile seminars.

We have own arbitration managing directors in the staff of the company. It excludes inconsistency of actions when we act for you.

Our firm’s lawyers who specialise in bankruptcy and crisis management offer advice and practical legal support to assist with all issues associated with the winding up process, including:

  • representing the interests of an owner, creditors (including mortgagees) or an arbitration managing director at introduction and implementation of procedures of insolvency (bankruptcy);
  • developing optimal schemes of  bankruptcy procedures;
  • working out plans of crisis management and financial recovery of enterprises, including selling them on our own;
  • carrying out the analysis of financial and economic condition of the enterprise, including prediction of possible problems during carrying out of procedures of insolvency (bankruptcy) concerning your enterprise;
  • carrying out the analysis of perfect transactions, to reveal signs of deliberate and fictitious bankruptcy;
  • estimating a duty of the head and the owner of the debtor to apply for founding the debtor insolvent;
  • providing  maintenance of criminal cases of a deliberate or sham bankruptcy, wrongful acts on the threshold of bankruptcy;
  • analyzing and avoiding the transactions directed at taking out the assets of the enterprise of the debtor, or transacted in defiance of interests of the debtor and creditors.




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