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Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A) and Corporate



Partnership disputes  mean any events in private business leading to hostile takeover by the third parties or disputes between owners of business. The practice of our company shows the partnership disputes occur regardless the cost of the business or its  organizational and legal form.  Specialists of our company have been taking part in corporate conflicts in the Russian Federation since 2000, representing interests of various groups of owners or the third parties, including  hostile takeovers.

The vast majority of the tasks we acted for were successful. Therefore we can say we have extensive experience in partnership conflicts to help you or your business.

The success of  our lawerys in disputes is  also conditioned by excellent  knowledge of  corporate legislation, law-enforcement practice, and as well as  their skills in corporate managing and good knowledge of criminal law.

Our corporate lawyers can always advise you on:

• development of participation schemes in corporate disputes, conflicts,  merges and aquisitions (including hostile takeovers);

•  acting on your behalf in court in partnership disputes;

• representation of your interests at law enforcement agencies, investigation of affairs on illegal takeover of  your business (raiding), enrolling of obviously false data into the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities  (Article 170.1 of the Criminal Code), falsification of decisions of governing bodies by economic entities (Article 185.5 of the Criminal Code);

• trust management of shares (stocks) by economic entities;

• representation of your interests at The Federal Financial Markets Service (RF FFMS), the Federal Antimonopoly Service (RF FAS), at professional registrars during the planning, preparation and carrying out transactions with shares (stocks); registration of placement of shares; observance of requirements of Russian corporate legislation;

• analysis and development of optical internal corporate documents directed on protection from hostile takeovers;

• preparations and carrying out general meetings of participants (shareholders), board of directors’ meetings;

• assistance in settling corporate conflicts and representation of interests of minority or majority shareholders, other members;

• legal and economic support of transactions with special order of conclusion (large deals, transactions with interest, trust management).



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