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Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A) and Corporate

Law firm Business and law Ltd.


«There are no irresolvable problems but unpleasant decisions»
Eric Born  


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"Law firm Business and law Ltd." has provided legal stability and safety of our clients's business since 2000. Our registered trademark guarantees comprehensive assessment and support for any project and enables us to provide our clients with top-class services at all times.

Our service is an integrated approach of analytics and a wide range of practics we use to solve your business tasks. We refuse from providing universal service and do only several practices but those where we are highly qualified. We know that the price of our mistake may be your business or its safety so we are always aimed at integrated, deliberated and modern way to issue resolution of your tasks. And we understand your risks trusting us to solve your problem.

We consider that tackling problems in business is not always only peaceful negotiations but also always actions aimed at best development of business.

We believe our principles contributed to our success marked with Top 100 Law Firms in Russia where we were 35th and Top 75 Regional Law Firms with 5th place. We believe providing legal service is business so we consider our clients as our equal partners. We are all active participants of economic part of life and we prove it by our membership in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Tomsk and Novosibirsk oblast, participation in round tables and conferences, work groups where business and authorities meet.

Our primary goal is to keep our clients satisfied, as we believe that client satisfaction and safety of his business should be the foundation for client relationships.

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"Business and Law"

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Advocates Bureau Yug (ABY),
Law Firm Business and Law
and Black Sea Law Group (BSLG) signed a partnership agreement
on a mutual legal support of projects
in Crimea and Sevastopol.

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